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Our Offerings

Nuc’s + Queens + Pollen + Propolis

Queen Bees

Premium quality Queen Bees for beekeepers who want healthy and productive colonies.


Nucleus colonies for beekeepers starting or expanding their apiary with strong, thriving bees.

Honey Products

Pure, raw honey and a variety of honey-based products for health and culinary use.

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Why Choose Bee Free Honey Farm

Healthy Bee Focus

We prioritize the well-being of our bees, ensuring they are healthy and thriving to produce the best honey.

Quality Assurance

Our products undergo strict quality control measures to deliver only the finest honey and bee-related goods.

Environmental Advocacy

Committed to sustainable beekeeping practices, promoting biodiversity and protecting our precious pollinators.

Our Story

About Us

Bee Free Honey Farm is a local New Mexico bee business dedicated to the well-being of bees, offering quality bees, nucs, honey products and sustainable practices.

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Our Unique Value Proposition

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Local Bee Advocates
Pure & Natural Honey
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